Driving License Scam

DrivingThe scam

In June 2016 the government issued a warning about a new driving license and vehicle tax scam being distributed to the public, via text message, email and telephone. Many of the scam/spoof emails and text messages contain a link to an imitation government website (the website and even URL may look similar however they will be a slight variation from the real URL).

Stay safe

The scam itself aims to trick drivers into providing personal information and their bank details, these can be for a number of reason including to renew their driving license or vehicles tax. Some emails and text messages even state that the user’s driver license will be suspended if they fail to comply. Once your personal details have been passed to the fraudster they are then able to use these details and pass them across to other fraudsters.

To renew your vehicle tax or find out more about your driving license always visit the official government website to ensure you don’t become a victim of fraud.

The DVLA do not send out email or text message communications so If you or a friend receives a DVLA scam, the government are advising to delete and not open the email, click here to find how to report them to the government.