Top Late Season Ski Destinations

Planning a late ski trip this year? You'll be happy to hear that not only are you likely to experience a cheaper holiday rate, you'll also probably benefit from quieter slopes. This is because you run a higher risk that the snow conditions won't be as assured as during January and February. Although this is a risk, on the flip side you will benefit from longer days and a better chance of sunshine to top up the tan. Choose the right resort and you'll improve your chances of a great late season break.

To help you find your ideal late season ski destination accessible via car rental, we've put together our top picks with a focus on resorts that have 2,000m skiing or above.

Val Thorens, France

Listed as Europe's highest ski resort, Val Thorens is a favourite among many skiing professionals and fanatics. With the majority of skiing well over 2,000m, it allows for year-round snow of the finest quality. The resort even has direct access to the Three Valleys ski area and stays open through to May.

Transfers available from both Lyon and Geneva airports. Transfer time 2 - 3 hours.

Tignes, France

Also known for high altitude skiing, Tignes in France is a renowned resort with plenty to offer both beginners and pros. Its most impressive attribute is that it sits at 2,100m and has direct access to a glacier. Visitors can also benefit from access to the Espace Killy ski area's stunning slopes that range from 1,500m to a whopping 3,455m.

Transfers available from both Lyon and Geneva airports. Transfer time 2 - 3 hours

Saas Fee, Switzerland

Awesome for late season holidaymakers and even better for the professionals, Saas Fee in Switzerland offers visitors plenty of snow even in April. With an inspirational charm, skiers return to this great resort year after year.

Transfers available from Geneva, Zurich and Milan airports. Transfer time under 3 hours.

Ischgl, Austria

With slopes as high as 2,872m, Ischgl in Austria provides snow until the start of May! Locals, professionals and holidaymakers celebrate the lengthened season with a series of concerts and shows. Perfect for young couples and party lovers, this resort is fun, quirky and has elite après-ski.

The resort is easily accessible with transfers from Innsbruck airport in little over an hour.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Heaven on Earth for both late and summer skiing, the Zermatt resort is one of Switzerland's most famous. Sitting at the foot of the majestic Matterhorn, the high peaks of this ski area receive snow year round enabling even summer skiing.

Zermatt can be accessed from both Geneva and Zurich airports with transfers taking around 3 hours.

Livigno, Italy

If you're looking for a more affordable holiday destination with both snow and sun, Livigno is an Italian favourite with great quality food and drink options. As a sure snow option with 136 snow cannons on-call for backup, no one's disappointed while visiting this resort.

A number of airports offer transfers to this resort including, Innsbruck, Milan and Verona.

Lech, Austria

In addition to its frequent discounts, the Lech Austria resort offers a unique experience ideal for families and groups looking to have a good time. Here long days offer time to catch a proper tan, enjoy the local food, and still experience the slopes at their best.

Lech is only a short transfer from Innsbruck, taking around 1½ hours.

From picturesque Alpine mountains to extreme sporting slopes, these late ski destinations have the ability to thrill, treat, and teach you all at once!